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We are a safety and industrial hygiene consulting company located in Portland, Oregon.

Our niche is individual, professional, and tailored service. This site does not have all the information you need. Please ask questions. (alden [at]  jobspotsafety.com)

Why use JobSpot?

  • Assure employees are safe in their workplace
  • Save time, effort, losses, and assets
  • Ensure OSHA rules are followed
  • Improve working and environmental conditions
  • Protect the company from litigation
  • Know what airborne chemicals/substances are onsite
  • Build employee rapport by investigating issues

We care about your business and your risks.

Jobspot Health & Safety offers comprehensive industrial hygiene services for virtually every type of business.

Safer Workplace

Call it “going green”, but protecting your employees and families by reducing airborne emissions is the right thing to do. Do it for your employees, for their families, and for the environment.

Why hire a certified industrial hygienist (CIH)?